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The Waterville Collection honors the history of one of America’s first and finest pocket knife brands, Waterville, dating back as early as 1843, with the highest quality craftsmanship of some of the finest modern day custom knife makers. Waterville is more than a brand of the past, it is a present day community of collectors and makers. Waterville is for the collector desiring a creative, intriguing, and quality minded collection experience in the skipjoint knife world. The Waterville Collection provides a system to discover and collect a brand showcasing the work of a variety of custom knife makers.   

The 2023 Waterville Collection

"Only 10 of each knife will be made. Request to reserve yours today."

Wharncliffe Trapper

by Mike Zscherny (Iowa) 

Model #2301MZ

Sales Price: $1,895.00

Large Trapper

by Phil Jacob (Kansas)

Sales Price: $1,495.00

Capped Muskrat

by Matt Collum (Alabama)

Model #2303MC

Sales Price: $1,195.00

Midsize Trapper

by David R. Davis (Kentucky)

Model #2304DD

Sales Price: $1,295.00

Texas Jack

by Stan Buzek (Texas)

Model #2305SB

Sales Price: $995.00

Knife Maker Profile

Meet our Waterville Cutlery Makers

Knife Maker Profile – Matt Collum

Matt Collum

Custom Knife Maker

Custom pocket knife maker, Matt Collum, shares some tips on how to make a custom slipjoint folder.

All Waterville Collection knives are easy to identify by pattern number.  The first two digits represent the year released, the second two digits represent the knife number in the collection, and the last two letters represent the initials of the maker.